Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fit Foodie 5K

Representing Beef Team
Oh man! It has been a hot minute. I am still running. Most of my focus has been with http://www.thesmokingho.com and everything that has to do with barbecue. It has been over two years since I ran a race! I miss the feeling you get after a race. That runner's high that cannot be matched. You put all this work into it, and you feel like you have accomplished something. I saw that a lot of my Austin food blogger friends were participating in the Fit Foodie 5K and the activities associated with the weekend long event. I was on the fence but ultimately signed up, thinking I needed a running challenge.
My wife and I have been on the Whole 30 diet for the month of June. It is basically where all you eat is meats, vegetables, and fruits. No dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, and no legumes. Sounds terrible, right? I feel great, but my workouts have suffered. I just do not have the energy to push through. My morning runs have been about 30 seconds per mile slower too. Going into the race, I had no idea what to expect from my body. I wanted to run strong and faster than my normal runs.
I got to the start line a little later than I wanted to. Access to the garage to park in was closed off. I eventually found a spot along the street a half mile away. When the race started, I just went for it. I had to dodge some slower runners. I do not get why some people line up so close to the start. They end up just getting in the way. I felt great. I ended pushing it too hard though. I get that competitive spirit from running around faster runners and try to keep up. I ran a 6:36 for the first mile. That is way too quick. However it is good to know that I can still run that fast. The humidity got to me. My clothes were soaked in no time, and I had trouble breathing. I suffered through the second mile and had a time of 7:43. Some of the course was on a trail which I did not expect. It slowed me down a little bit. My pace kept slipping, and I clocked the third mile at 8:11. I was able to finish strong and sprint to the finish line. My official time ended up being 23:41. It was not my fastest, but I was fine with the results.
A medal for a 5k?
I am not the biggest fan of 5K's or any short races for that matter. I prefer half and full marathons. I do not have the discipline in the shorter races. I just lay it all out there. If I use the same strategy for longer races, I would be screwed. I had fun at the race. It was good to get out there. I did not stick around to check out the post-race festivities because my parents were coming to town. What is next on the agenda? I wanted to do a winter marathon but that idea has been scrapped. We are going to Spain and Italy in November for a couple of weeks so training would be a problem. I might run a half marathon in January or February. We will see.
True story
Until next time, happy running...